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●Message from the President

Working with customers to create metal materials that broaden the scope of their dreams

At Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd., we provide metal materials and processed products. You probably do not pick up our products in your daily life, but they are sure to exist somewhere around you. Our metal materials play a vital role in a wide variety of fields, including home appliances, electronics, automobiles, batteries, and medical equipment. We boast an integrated system of production that is one of the most advanced production systems in Japan, covering everything from the melting of metals to rolling, plating, and finish processing according to customer requests. Building on the strength of this system, we have been expanding our business as a manufacturer of metal materials that can cater to the increasingly sophisticated, diverse needs of industrial fields by taking advantage of our outstanding technological capabilities.

NEOMAX MATERIALS Co., Ltd., a predecessor of our company, was founded in 1943 as the Suita branch of Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Owing to a series of recent mergers—with Toyo Seihaku Co., Ltd. in October 2015 and Hitachi Metals Nanotech Co., Ltd. in April 2016—the corporate name was changed to Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd. in 2016. The company also merged with SH Copper Products Co., Ltd. in April 2018. Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd. has expanded and evolved, integrating the unique, outstanding technologies and diverse cultures of each of these companies.
Through these mergers, the company has acquired ultra-thin foil rolling technology, which enables us to maintain a solid standing in the specialized markets for ultra-thin metallic foil, and electroplating and surface treatment foil, as well as world-leading technology for single-piece machining, which represents the ultimate in micromachining technology for electronic components. These technologies have expanded the possibility of creating products with completely new functions from new metal materials.

We push ourselves wholeheartedly to create new materials that meet the highest product expectations of our customers. Our mission to challenge ourselves to succeed in this endeavor.
Through the development of new materials and innovative products, we will strive to help customers make their dreams come true and build even bigger dreams together with them.

We are strongly committed to maintaining the integrated system of production, from materials to processing, and possess the capability to create new materials. We are working on high-performance metal materials that cater to highly specialized needs. Another strength of ours is the high-mix low-volume production, with which we take finely tuned response to customer requests that are difficult to meet through mass production.
At the same time, we are now launching our long-awaited cladding mass production line, so that on top of our traditional strength in high-mix, low-volume production, we are now also equipped to meet the demands for high-volume production. Because the development of recycling-based society is an issue that needs to be tackled all over the world, our technologies for producing special metal materials and the outstanding molding and processing technologies, which we have built up since our foundation, are supporting the evolution of automobiles and batteries toward the clean, efficient use of energy.
We will continue to pursue the possibilities of metal materials together with customers, and strive to deliver environmentally friendly materials and products that lead to the development of next-generation industries and create new markets.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Koichi Gondai

●Corporate Outline

Trade name Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd.
Corporate Headquarters 2-19-1 Minami-suita, Suita, Osaka, 564-0043 Japan
Incorporated October 1, 2004
Capital ¥400 million (100% Invested by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.)
Line of business Manufacturing and sales of various products such as alloy based on metal, pure metal, omposite metal, other specialty metal and specialty steel.
Manufacturing and sales of various raw materials, ingots, processed products and accessories which relate to above products.
All businesses and related businesses which incidental to above products.
President Koichi Gondai
Employees about 1,100


1943.10 Established Steel Plant Suita Branch of Sumitomo Metal Industries, started magnets production.
1948.3 In addition to magnets, started metal production includes clad for electronics, which were mostly dependent on imports.
1962.10 Cable Works of Hitachi Cable, Ltd. started clad metal production.
1963.1 Established Sumitomo Special Metals, which separated from Sumitomo Metal Industries and became independent.
Tsuchiura Works of Hitachi Cable, Ltd. started Copper production.
1968.3 Establishment of Toyo Seihaku Co., Ltd.
1985.3 Toyo Seihaku Co., Ltd. started operation at Akita Works.
1988.5 Toyo Seihaku Co., Ltd. started operation at Niigata Works.
1988.8 Established Kagoshima Sumitoku Electronics Co., Ltd. in Izumi City, Kagoshima, for enhancing processed parts business of Sumitomo Special Metals.
2004.4 Changed company name to NEOMAX Co., Ltd. from Sumitomo Special Metals Co., Ltd.
2004.10 Established NEOMAX MATERIALS Co., Ltd., and took over metal material business from NEOMAX Co., Ltd.
2004.10 Changed company name to NEOMAX KAGOSHIMA Co., Ltd. from Kagoshima Sumitoku Electronics Co., Ltd.
2007.4 Hitachi Metals, Ltd. merged with NEOMAX Co., Ltd.
NEOMAX MATERIALS Co., Ltd. is a 100% owned by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
2011.12 Hitachi Cable, Ltd. transferred clad metal business to Hitachi Cable Fine Tech, Ltd. (predecessor of Ibaraki Technos, Ltd.)
2013.1 Established SH Copper Products Co., Ltd.
2013.3 SH Copper Products Co., Ltd. effected an absorption-type company split of Copper Product business from Tsuchiura Works of Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
2013.11 Shares of NEOMAX KAGOSHIMA Co., Ltd. transferred to Hitachi Metals, Ltd. NEOMAX KAGOSHIMA Co., Ltd. is a 100% owned by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
2014.1 Changed company name to Hitachi Metals nanotech Co., Ltd. from NEOMAX KAGOSHIMA Co.,Ltd.
2015.10 NEOMAX MATERIALS Co., Ltd. merged with Toyo Seihaku Co., Ltd.
2016.4 NEOMAX MATERIALS Co., Ltd. merged with Hitachi Metals Nanotech Co., Ltd.
Changed company name to Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd. from NEOMAX MATERIALS Co., Ltd.
2018.4 Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd. merged with SH Copper Products Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Metals Neomaterial, Ltd. effected an absorptiontype company split of clad metals business from Ibaraki Technos, Ltd.