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●CSR at Hitachi Metals Group

The Hitachi Metals Group's management philosophy, since its founding, has been to "contribute to society by creating 'the best possible company'". This philosophy is also appropriately reflected in the Hitachi Metals Group's policies toward CSR.

Being "the best possible company" requires us to change with the times. This means being flexible in our response to the needs of society, and achieving sustainable growth for the Group through ever greater individual effort from each and every employee to become a company that is able to contribute to society.

The CSR activities of the Hitachi Metals Group are aimed at realizing the ideal of "the best possible company." The sustainable growth the Group needs to achieve this is impossible without CSR. The Group's approach to CSR is that it is that compliance is the foundation of CSR activities, on top of which is built corporate activities that achieve a harmony of economic, social and environmental considerations. While remaining constantly aware of our responsibility as a member of society, we conduct business while maintaining good relationships with a diverse range of shareholders. A corporation cannot exist without the trust of its stakeholders. To win that trust we conduct our business with sincerity and transparency, while continually refining our sensitivity to the needs of the times. By achieving sustainable growth with CSR at the heart of our management, we seek to become "the best possible company" able to contribute to the creation of a better society.